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Why you should be Jolly this Christmas

For you it’s been a year of hard knocks. You’ve been under scrutiny, in the spotlight and under the pump. As an industry you’ve orchestrated new organisational vision, strategy and structures, recruited new leaders, fostered and moved around your own talent. You’ve also committed to
sourcing top talent. All with a sprinkle of innovation on the smell of an oily rag.

You have reached out to us to help finesse that vision, source best leaders who ensure you provide the best operations, with some commercial gain that benefit the quality of care and lifestyle for your residents.

Things you have shown us this year, for this we are grateful:

  1. You’ll trust and wait for us to find you the best talent

  2. Your need for contractors (DON/CEO/Care Manager) has quadrupled

  3. You have confidence in our ability to secure top CEO’s and C-Suite or equivalent roles. We’ve recruited more CEO’s this year than ever before

  4. You’re prepared to pay for top talent, often raising the salary package on offer to meet the candidate market

Mature ladies laughing on beach

I’m writing this Christmas newsletter from our holiday-let townhouse at Avoca, on the Central Coast of NSW (for those of you who are interstate). Got coerced into chaperoning four 17 year old girls, including my eldest daughter Ellie, up here for a three day break before they embark on year 12 2021. This year as an industry collective, 2020 has allowed us to really sprout wings and fly. Your kids and grandkids got through this year, teachers too. We figured we can work from home, often with our significant other half. You can conduct meetings remotely, Zooming in dozens of team members, collaborate, lead, utilise technology better and garner real innovation and strategic re-works. All with a dash of healthy risk management. You’ve also figured out what a concierge does in aged care, what good customer service looks like, the significance of good brand and reputation and the list goes on. So much learning and growth for 2020, some in size, some in capability. There is a sense of tiredness in and around the industry now that it’s Silly Season and the good thing is that everyone is
calling it like it is this year. Previously unspoken, how tired and de-energised, almost deflated you are, but not this year, not after CV-19 2020. Now you are just chucking it out there to share with others, another bright light for you – keeping it real.

I always like to reflect this time of the year about the impact my business has had on the industry. Heaps. Truck loads I would say, especially in 2020. Something I’m proud of and will continue to foster into 2021.

This year has thrown some very significant personal challenges my way and like you, I’ve grown as a person and professional. Seeing out 2020 and looking forward to 2021, the hope that it will be a better one…. do you feel this way too?

We’re shut for a break (feeling jolly, just saying) from 24 th Dec and re-opening 11 th January, 2021.

Reach out when we’re back.

From our team at P.J. Recruitment and Executive Search, may you have a replenishing, energising and reflective Christmas/New Year break. Look forward to catching up for a coffee, now that we can,
in 2021.

One response to “Why you should be Jolly this Christmas

  1. Happy Christmas PJ
    You are amazing to work with and I am loving the roles you have supported me into and am excited about the great people you have found to join our team.
    Thank you for your integrity and commitment to the industry.
    I hope you have a great year in 2021.

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