Career coaching

Uncovering potential is our passion. It’s time to discover yours. 

Want to excel in every interview? Or pursue a new career path? 

Whether you have a destination in mind or you’re just starting your journey, our career coaching can get you where you want to go.

Transform your career with our one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Each meeting includes 1-2 hours of expert care and conversation with our industry expert, Peta-Jane Maynard (PJ). Sharing her expertise, PJ will strengthen your skills and develop strategies for your success.

Work with PJ to:

  • Clarify your career goals and create a career plan
  • Represent your strengths and revamp your CV 
  • Build your confidence and improve interview performance
  • Position yourself for promotions and transitions
  • Manage stress and work/life balance
  • Develop strategy for high performance and increased efficiency
  • Negotiate salary packages and pay rises
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