Find talent

Looking for new faces to join your team? We’re here to help. 

Whether it’s regular recruitment or specialist executive search, we’ve got the gift of finding talent that fits. 


Finding the right fit isn’t always easy. Take the stress out of the search with P.J.

Let’s work together. Partnering with you, we’ll dive into the detail. 

Whether you’re downtown or down the coast, we’ll travel to you to gain true insight.  We’ll meet you on-site, connecting face-to-face to understand the skills and attributes your dream candidate needs. 

With our unique approach and our boutique style, we’ll connect you with matches that are meant-to-be.

Your ‘hard-to-fill’ role just got easy. 

We specialise in:

  • Executive positions
    • Chief roles (CEO, COO, CFO)
    • Directors (Director of Nursing, Director Healthcare, Assistant Director Healthcare and Allied Health Director jobs)
    • Clinical Governance and Managers (Regional/Area Managers, Quality Managers, Project/Implementation Managers, Human Resource Managers, ACFI Managers, CNC Specialists, Asset Manager jobs, and more)
  • Contract Recruitment
    • Facility Managers
    • Director of Nursing/DDON
    • Project Leads and Managers across the aged care and community service sectors
  • Other Support positions (PA, EA, Office Manager, Office Coordinator)

Executive Search

Ready to find the best of the best? P.J. will lead the way. 

Executive search – otherwise known as headhunting – is our specialty. 85% of our placements are secured through this specialised process. 

Let us court your next star executive. We’ll search high and low to find them, using our experience and influence to inspire them into your team. 

Take a break – we’ll do the legwork. With our powerful network, our boutique methodology, and our creativity and charm, we’ll find the best fit for your team. 

Board Recruitment

Since we began in 2009 we have provided exceptional service and incomparable results with a secret ingredient. We make it personal. We find good people for good jobs, this includes board director positions. 

With over 20 years combined recruitment experience in the aged care and community services sectors, Peta-Jane Maynard has more insight into what makes a great board director than most. She has been on a board herself, so understands what it takes.

Our knowledge and practical experience of governance, leadership and operations means we know what it takes to excel as a board director. 

We offer a board director search service that secures the best. We partner with and secure top board director talent, those who commit to your strategic vision and complement others around the same boardroom table. 

An ability to navigate through our deep network of suitable contacts has real benefit. It has enabled boards to prosper and sky-rocket to new heights. Our introductions generate positive impact for our clients with their newly appointed board directors as apt governance stewards.

Our network of contacts is deep, and this enables true capability mining in the board director candidate space that is unprecedented and unique to our agency.


Experience our expertise first hand.