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Top tips to spark joy in recruitment in 2019

Spark Joy

Marie Kondo is taking the world by tidiness storm and sparking joy everywhere it seems. If you haven’t heard of her here we go:

Her philosophy is ‘Tidy your space, transform your life’. I think the same applies with recruitment practice so we will give you six top tips to help streamline your recruitment practice.

Top tips to spark joy in recruitment in 2019, remember ‘Tidy your space, transform your life’.

  1. Talent picks you – this is really a combination of candidate care and employer brand.  Candidates are driving the market so try and treat your candidates like customers.
  2. Candidate experience – big ticket item. Take good care of your candidates at each step of the way, from their first enquiry right through the recruitment process. Ensure all dealings with various stakeholders in your company are professional and timely.
  3. Employer brand – so important, as prospective employees have the pick of your competitors these days. Tidy up your employer brand and it will transform your life!!
  4. Talent pools – companies are bolstering their own databases of candidate talent for future ‘use’. Sparking the joy of building their own talent pool and even utilising ATS (applicant tracking systems) is becoming more common.
  5. Utilisation of technology in the recruitment process – this improves efficiency and cost. Clients are using Zoom, Skype and video conferencing for interviewing, particularly for the first candidate interview. They will then ‘ship’ or fly the preferred candidate to corporate office for the final interview. Speeds up the recruitment process.
  6. Hiring time – a stream lined and efficient employer recruitment process will allow you to nab your preferred candidates. Australia-wide they say the average time to fill a job is 9.5 weeks across all sectors. Our (P.J.) average time to fill in 2018 was 7 weeks, down from 2017 of 8 weeks.

Hope to spark some joy with you this year.

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