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5 Tools Everyone in the Candidate Industry Should Be Using


The ultimate cheat sheet on candidates

1. Pre-selection screening –

(i)   Resume – look for a minimum 2.5 years of tenure is what our data is saying, on average for each job the candidate has been in

(ii)   Presentation – formatting, general tidiness, how well do they present themselves on paper?

(iii) Phone calls – how much of a ‘fit’ do they sound on the phone, are they aligned with the hiring org, or are they a bit pushy? Do they sound wonderful, open, honest, energetic? You can glean all this from a phone call. Only needs to be a few minutes.

2. Interviews –

(i)  Are you including case scenarios in your interview process? Give the candidate a real life situation they would be up against in the first few weeks on the job, think of a few, and ask them how they would approach these situations. Possibly give them the scenarios 10-15 mins before they come in to meet you for the interview.  This methodology in interview screening has been shown to have the strongest correlation between case scenario responses and on the job performance.

(ii)  Are you including competency based questions? “tell me about a time when you have……..’

(iii)  Are you including the ‘attitude/fit’ questions, like ‘at work, if there was any animal you are most like, what would it be?’, Do they associate with team-playing animals, or independent animals? What’s their greatest achievement to date – in life or in work? Here is an awesome article about what Australia’s CEO’s like to ask candidates at interview.

(iv)  More evidence is being collected by commentators in the recruitment space around interviewing over a meal of a coffee. You get so much more out of someone in a less formal situation than in an office. Here is an example article if you’d like to read more on this.

3.  The process – ability to do what they are asked during the process, phone calls, feedback, written material by when and what, ability to listen and take instructions, they get information or a response back to you when they say they will. Candidates will always give you a referee who will provide positive feedback, so just don’t rest on your laurels there.

4.  The communication test – written and verbal, the cover letter test. Can they write a targeted cover letter, with appropriate wording and correct grammar? Is this a prerequisite for the job?

5.  Presentation – have they got a presence (here’s an excellent article on Executive Presence , are they comfortable in their own skins, making eye contact, have good posture, are they nicely confident, nervous, overly confident? Have they had their hair done, or is their re-growth. I have been involved in CEO level recruitment panels where the candidate has turned up with really bad colour regrowth, or for the guys shoes that are pretty shabby. These little things are important in terms of their attention to detail and Presence. They will be representing your brand to the market and they need to have that presence.

Top five tips everyone in the candidate space needs to know. Good luck with it!

Peta-Jane Maynard

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