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The Art of Headhunting: How Top Aged Care Recruiters Find Hidden Talent

In the competitive field of aged care recruitment, top recruiters possess a unique skill set that allows them to uncover hidden talent and make successful placements. P.J. Aged Care Recruitment Agency is at the forefront of this art of headhunting, with their team of women who understand the industry and the intricacies of candidate behaviours. This article delves into the secrets of their success, including their understanding of predictive psychology, the influential factors shaping female candidate decision-making, and the litmus test used to identify the right candidates for leadership roles. 

75% or More: Placing Women at the Forefront of Aged Care 

P.J. Aged Care Recruitment Agency has observed a significant trend in the aged care industry: more than 75% of the candidates they place are women. This gender predominance is a reflection of the industry itself, where women have traditionally held a substantial presence.  

P.J. Aged Care Recruitment Agency’s team, comprising all women, offers a unique advantage in understanding the needs and aspirations of female candidates, as well as the factors that influence their decision-making. 

Predictive Psychology: Understanding Aged Care Candidates 

To excel in headhunting, P.J. Aged Care Recruitment Agency relies on its deep understanding of predictive psychology. They recognize that aged care candidates tend to possess specific characteristics, such as humility, sometimes difficulty in self-promotion and even limited confidence, minimal ego, and the importance of working close to home. Understanding these traits allows them to tailor their approach and provide the necessary support to candidates throughout the recruitment process – these are factors that any aged care recruitment agency can’t ignore. By acknowledging the uncertainties that candidates face and addressing their concerns, P.J. Aged Care Recruitment Agency creates an environment that encourages candidates to pursue new opportunities and step out of their comfort zones. 

The Influence of Candidate Behaviors 

P.J. Aged Care Recruitment Agency possesses a keen appreciation for the various factors that influence candidate behaviors in the aged care industry. They understand that uncertainty often plays a significant role, leading candidates to choose the safer option or back out of opportunities when presented with a potential job opportunity. This understanding enables them to guide candidates, provide reassurance, and alleviate their concerns. By addressing the uncertainties head-on, P.J. Aged Care Recruitment Agency empowers candidates to make informed decisions and consider roles that may have seemed daunting initially. 

The Litmus Test: Assessing Leadership Compatibility in an unusual way 

A crucial aspect of headhunting for leadership roles is ensuring compatibility between candidates and the organisation’s culture. P.J. Aged Care Recruitment Agency sometimes employs a unique litmus test to assess leadership compatibility. They believe that if they cannot imagine key stakeholders of their client sitting next to a candidate on a long-haul flight, then that candidate may not be the right fit for the role. This test takes into account not only the candidate’s qualifications and experience but also their personality, demeanor, and the chemistry they would bring to the organisation. This helps P.J. Aged Care Recruitment Agency identify candidates who possess the right combination of skills, expertise, and cultural fit for leadership positions. 

Understanding Female Candidate Decision Making 

With a predominantly female candidate pool, P.J. Aged Care Recruitment Agency recognises the importance of understanding the unique factors that influence female candidate decision-making. They appreciate the challenges and considerations that women face when pursuing management and key leadership roles in the aged care industry. By having a deep understanding of these influences, they can provide guidance, support, and insights tailored to female candidates, ultimately assisting them in making informed career choices. 


Headhunting in the aged care industry requires a nuanced understanding of candidate behaviours, industry dynamics, and the art of identifying hidden talent. P.J. Aged Care Recruitment Agency, with its all-women team, excels in this art of headhunting. Through their understanding of predictive psychology, appreciation of factors influencing female candidate decision-making, and litmus test.


How many of P.J. Recruitment and Executive Search candidates placed are female 

In 2022 75% of placed candidates were women. 

Does it take more than a phone conversation and interview to get a candidate across the line? 

Yes, unless the aged care recruiter understands the candidate ‘why’, they aren’t well positioned to predict uncertainties and candidate decision making behaviours through the recruitment journey.  

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