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Joining Forces for Success: Enhancing Recruitment Strategies by Combining HR and Aged Care Recruitment Expertise

Why HR teams and external aged care recruitment expertise go hand in hand.

Human resources and aged care recruitment go hand in hand when it comes to building a sustainable and effective workforce within the sector. Aged care recruitment consultants bring a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities of working in this industry, they can do the ‘selling’ and influencing direct in person, they have high touchpoints with candidates as well. Human resources professionals (including talent acquisition teams) have the knowledge and ability to manage and develop the workforce in line with the organisation’s goals, adhere to policies and procedures, and support right methodologies for recruitment internally.

How can HR teams benefit with effective aged care recruitment consultant partnerships to fill ‘hard to fill’ jobs?

  • Human resources professionals can partner with aged care recruitment consultants to align the recruitment process with the organisation’s strategic goals and policies
  • Recruitment consultants bring a wealth of recruitment-specific experience to human resources talent acquisition teams and candidates, which is valuable when persuading candidates to consider job offers.
  • Aged care recruitment consultants can provide ‘live and real’ insights into the current talent market, what motivates candidates, what salary expectations are and what other aged care employers are paying in the current candidate-tight market.
  • Aged care recruitment consultants can help find and persuade potential candidates by ‘selling the dream’ of the job, while human resources professionals can help build a pipeline of high-quality candidates for the organisation.
  • The collaboration between human resources and aged care recruitment consultants can help tailor the recruitment process to the specific needs and values of the organisation, such as prompt recruitment process, negotiations, and exploration of team dynamics and organisational culture fit.
  • Aged care recruitment consultants can value-add by mitigating risk of losing candidates, or not getting the preferred candidate ‘across the line’
  • Human resources professionals can provide a clear understanding of the organisation’s culture, values, challenges organisationally and job-wise, while aged care recruitment consultants can provide ability in attracting and keeping candidates in the recruitment funnel right until the end (most of the time) who align with these values.

The close partnership between human resources and aged care recruitment consultants also allows for a personalised and high-touch approach to the recruitment process. This involves providing regular communication and engagement with candidates throughout the recruitment process, building trust with the candidates – offering support on hand when needed to mitigate any risk, and creating a positive candidate experience. This approach is essential in attracting and retaining high-quality candidates in the aged care sector.

The recruitment process is like a first date – a positive experience leaves a lasting impression, while a negative one can lead to ghosting. A positive candidate experience can directly affect job satisfaction, while a negative experience can result in the candidate withdrawing from the process or feeling uncertain about their decision to accept the job. It’s like asking yourself, “Did I make the right career move? Will I be treated the same way as I was during the recruitment process?” So, it’s crucial to ensure a positive candidate experience from the start to avoid leaving a bad taste in their mouth.

Other added benefits an aged care recruitment consultant can offer HR specialist teams:

Partnering closely with aged care recruitment consultants is crucial for human resources professionals in building a sustainable and effective workforce in the aged care sector. By tapping into their vast network, recruitment consultants can find talent that HR professionals might not be able to access. They’re also experts in filling hard-to-fill jobs, especially in rural and remote areas of NSW, VIC, QLD, and TAS. In addition, as a bonus, aged care recruitment consultants (good ones like us) should be able to supply data on what aged care executives and managers want (salary, hybrid arrangements etc) and employer brand reputation also.

The collaboration between HR professionals and aged care recruitment consultants ensures a recruitment process that aligns with the organization’s strategic goals and values. With a collaborative, personalized, and high-touch approach, they can attract and keep high-quality candidates over the long term. This partnership creates a passionate, skilled, and committed workforce dedicated to improving the lives of older adults. With our expertise, we can help set up this partnership positively and swiftly from the beginning of the recruitment funnel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can HR professionals collaborate effectively with aged care recruitment consultants?

  • Provide the detail to the consultant, with honesty – the devil is in the detail. The more recruitment consultants know about the job, the organisation, the team, the challenges the better the detail provided, the better change aged care recruitment consultant will find the right fit
  • Move through the process promptly – not long gaps between interviews, meetings, conversations
  • Ensure up front the process is agreed – how many interviews, with whom, who the decision maker is, any psych testing involved? Knowing the process upfront helps the aged care recruitment consultant manage candidate expectation

2. What’s the best advice for HR professionals from an aged care recruitment consultant when working on a job together?

The best advice for HR professionals from an aged care recruitment consultant when working on a job together is to connect at the hip from the get-go. Working together as a team is crucial to success, and open communication is key. By keeping each other in the loop, sharing insights, and being transparent, you can create a partnership that’s built to last. Remember, a team that plays together stays together, and this is no different when it comes to recruitment.

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