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Easing your COVID employment anxiety

We’ve got the pulse on workforce sentiment in the current climate.

Some research came across my desk this week that I think you’ll find interesting. It’s a ‘Workforce snap survey’ from across Australia, created in April this year. The survey illuminating some intriguing insights from:

  • Senior managers representing 160k+ employees
  • 300 Australian career seekers
  • A range of industries, including health, education, government, not-for-profit and professional services.

So, what have we learned in this season?

COVID-19 has required honest, tenacious, committed work from our team to find and place people into key roles. It’s been tough. The research above shows us why.

It also offers an encouraging reminder: With us on your team, you are positioned with an unrivalled network and depth of experience to get you results. Even in challenging times.

Here’s are 8 things we’ve learned in the age of COVID:

1. Candidates are more cautious – People are hesitant to switch jobs. Time to fill jobs has increased. People we head hunt are also taking 2-3 weeks to come back to us expressing their interest.

2. People need more reassurance – Some conversations with prospective candidates are taking up to 45 mins (where they would usually take 10).

3. We can be leaned on as thought leaders – Our clients and candidates are looking to us for guidance. We are being called on by industry leaders across aged care. Our expertise and networks are really coming to the fore and it’s our privilege to be here for you.

4. The market for quality candidates is hot – Good people who are available, or open to moving jobs, are snapped up quickly.

5. Vacancy volume has increased in aged care – People are burning out and resigning from management and executive roles.

6. There’s potential to nab experienced candidates – More government employees are open to making the move from public health to private aged care.

7. Our clients are more involved in the process – participating in ‘courting’ our head-hunted candidates to get them across the line. Coffee meetings between the hiring manager and head-hunted candidates are what’s working.

8. We’re still getting results – We’re working harder than ever to uncover talent. But, despite the challenges, our forward-thinking, strategic and personal approach to each assignment still has us filling jobs.

Curious about recruitment for your key positions?

We’re here for you.


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