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Beyond City Limits – Attracting Leaders to Rural Aged Care

Attracting top talent for senior positions in rural aged care facilities presents unique challenges that require strategic solutions. Rural areas face a scarcity of qualified professionals, limited housing options, and competition from City metro counterparts. However, there is a way to rise above these obstacles and successfully attract exceptional middle managers and leaders – by harnessing the power of bespoke recruitment services.

Challenges of Recruiting Top Talent to Rural Areas

Scarcity of Qualified Leaders

Rural areas often contend with a limited pool of qualified professionals for senior positions in aged care, leading to fierce competition among aged care providers and their respective facilities. To overcome this challenge, innovative strategies are needed to attract and retain exceptional leaders in rural settings.

Limited Housing Options

The availability of suitable housing for aged care professionals and their families can significantly impact their decision to relocate to rural areas. To address this challenge, aged care facilities can explore partnerships with local housing providers or consider offering attractive housing incentives as part of the employment package. Some of our clients offer a three-month housing solution, while our placed candidates secure more permanent housing. Other clients have taken leases on properties in rural areas – these houses are used specifically for their employees.

Competition with City-based Facilities

Rural aged care facilities must compete with their urban counterparts, which often offer better resources, amenities, and career advancement opportunities. It is crucial to showcase the unique benefits of working in a rural setting, such as a close-knit community, meaningful connections, a better lifestyle, and abundant opportunities for professional growth.

The Benefits of Paying a Recruitment Fee for Bespoke Services

Extended Networks

Recruitment services specialising in aged care have extensive networks that reach beyond the local area. These networks include professionals with a specific interest in rural settings or a passion for making a difference in smaller communities. By tapping into these networks, aged care facilities can access a broader talent pool and attract high-calibre professionals who may not have otherwise considered rural opportunities.

Persuasion and Marketing Strategies

Bespoke recruitment services use persuasive strategies to showcase the unique benefits of working in a rural aged care setting. They can effectively communicate these advantages to candidates, addressing their concerns and highlighting the fulfilling aspects of a rural lifestyle. By crafting compelling narratives, recruitment services increase candidates’ interest in rural positions, fostering a genuine desire to contribute to the community.

Executive Search Capabilities

Senior positions demand individuals with exceptional qualifications and experience. Bespoke recruitment services often apply executive search techniques, conducting targeted searches for high-level professionals who possess the specific skill set and expertise required for senior roles. This focused approach ensures that rural aged care facilities find the best candidates who can effectively lead and drive their organisations forward, making a lasting impact.

The Value of Support throughout the Recruitment Process

Interview Question Development

Bespoke recruitment services provide valuable assistance in developing interview questions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of senior positions in aged care. These questions evaluate candidates’ skills, experience, and alignment with the facility’s values. Well-crafted interview questions ensure a comprehensive assessment and facilitate informed hiring decisions, ensuring the right fit for both the facility and the candidate.

Screening techniques

Bespoke recruitment services, like us, are adept and highly skilled at screening techniques, particularly that first interaction with a candidate (who has applied for the job), or a candidate we have approached through head-hunting. We listen for tone of voice, communication skills, sense of humour, ability to engage, and attitude at the early stages of the recruitment process. We have a matrix of questions we use, tailored to each job, and phone screen based on those – skills, experience, and attitude.

Case Scenarios and Role-Play Exercises

To assess candidates’ problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills, recruitment services can help design case scenarios and role-play exercises. These exercises allow candidates to prove their capabilities in realistic situations, supplying valuable insights into their suitability for the role. Well-designed case scenarios enable aged care organisations to evaluate candidates’ critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills, ultimately selecting the most qualified professionals.

Interview Panel Composition

Recruitment services can help in figuring out the best composition of the interview panel. The panel may include senior staff, board members, residents, peers, family members, and community representatives. Involving a diverse panel ensures a comprehensive evaluation of candidates from different perspectives, leading to more informed hiring decisions and a better fit for the facility, creating a supportive and dynamic environment.

Job Promotion and Selling the Opportunity (the Art of Persuasion)

Recruitment services excel at promoting job opportunities to candidates. They highlight the unique aspects of working in a rural setting, such as the close-knit community, the chance to make a significant impact, and the professional growth opportunities available. By showcasing the organisation and facility’s culture, values, and commitment to high-quality care, recruitment services attract candidates who resonate with the facility’s mission and vision. They effectively sell the job by emphasising the rewarding and fulfilling nature of working in a rural aged care facility, igniting a sense of purpose, and belonging.

Comprehensive Support and Professional Advice

Throughout the recruitment process, bespoke recruitment services supply comprehensive support to both the facility and the candidates. They offer guidance and professional advice on best practices, market trends, salary benchmarks, and negotiation strategies. This support ensures a smooth and efficient process, fostering positive experiences for both the facility and the candidates. Recruitment services act as trusted partners, offering insights and the ability to facilitate successful placements, setting up enduring partnerships.

Unleashing the Potential: Beyond City Limits

Recruiting top senior professionals for rural aged care facilities requires a strategic approach and comprehensive support throughout the recruitment process. By using bespoke recruitment services, facilities can overcome the challenges of limited candidate pools, housing constraints, and competition from city metro counterparts.

Attracting and keeping top talent in rural aged care settings is not without its challenges, but by recognising the unique opportunities and benefits of working in these environments, aged care providers with facilities based in rural locations can position themselves as attractive destinations for senior professionals.

Frequently asked questions:

Which roles do you recruit and what’s your geographical reach?

Our expertise spans various roles, from middle management to executive positions and support functions.

We recruit care operations, human resources, marketing and sales, administrative and finance-based roles.

We recruit jobs in home care, residential aged care, and retirement living.

We have a broad geographic reach, covering metro, regional and rural NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, and TAS.

What sets P.J. Recruitment and Executive Search apart in terms of ability and experience?

The complexity and challenge experienced in healthcare are central to our specialist knowledge and understanding of caring for and supporting consumers who require specialist healthcare in our community.

Our Director P.J. Maynard is an experienced non-executive director with a for-purpose organisation Board and knows the importance of good governance and strong, capable executive leadership.

We complement that understanding with a deep dive into your organisation to really get to know the organisation, its governance, culture, and people. This includes a site visit, and results in an approach that is uniquely tailored to your organisation.

Our database is the best in the business. While the personal approach is our signature of success, we back our claims with data and insights that are collected through the recruitment process to further inform our recommendations to the hiring manager.

Who do I speak to, so I do not miss top talent?

Call Ely 0408 644 522 or email