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Reflections on Linda’s year – 2022

The past two years

They have gone down in history as nudging incredible change. From the continuing impacts of COVID-19 and lockdowns to vaccine rollouts, as a society having to adapt to this new normal, it has been a monumental time.

With the uncertainty, we all experienced through COVID, and the impacts across mental and physical health, employment, the economy, and many more areas, I’ve learned to become more resilient, flexible, and accepting of change.

What’s changed with the way we work

There has been a change from traditional methods of recruiting (like interviews being F2F vs VC) from the impact of COVID, a highlight for me was the shift in technologies we are now using as a P.J. team.

We have constantly ‘pivotted’ and implemented new tools and technologies. This is to identify new and unique ways to attract candidates. This has been extremely beneficial. There is a shortage of candidates, and we continue to successfully source and place them. Along with this, here at P.J., we recognised the opportunity to enhance our remarkable brand. We wrote out the next three year strategic plan, as a team and have an amazing roadmap until 2025. We are measuring, refining, and reviewing our current strategies. This ensures best practice first class customer experience (our candidates and clients), and a vibrant culture in our team (which is growing). We are also soliciting much more feedback from stakeholders and candidates which has elevated the success of our recruitment process.

Favourite holiday

We all rejoiced at the opening of the borders allowing us to travel and appreciate some time away. My husband (we call him Captain America because he’s built that way) and I took a trip to Tropical North Queensland to visit Cape Tribulation and the Daintree Rainforest. We were amazed by the canopy and creeping vines that have been growing for more than 180 million years, we imagined dinosaurs ruling the forest. From there we worked our way down the coast, stopping at many beautiful and interesting sites, and settling in Cairns for a week. We had the best time exploring the local sites, food, and many cocktails – Piña Colada is my fave.

My favourite things

As an NRL fan, it was great to see the competition return to its normal routine and could attend local club games. Unfortunately for me being a Manly Sea Eagles supporter, the session did not end well. Come on 2023!

With all the turmoil of the past couple of years, it is nice to be able to breathe easy leading into this Christmas and New Year period. However, nothing will surpass my beautiful and very cheeky Great Niece being born on Christmas day 2021.